• Big businesses with over 500 employees have lost 500,000 jobs and will continue to lay off, restructure and re-engineer.

  • Medium size businesses with 20 to 500 employees have lost over 800,000 jobs and will continue to lay off, restructure and re-engineer.

  • Small businesses with 1 to 20 employees have created more than 4,000,000 jobs.

National Trends

The first significant national trend is the move toward a more technologically oriented economy, which is increasing the demand for higher skill levels in the majority of jobs. Workers will be expected to read and understand moderately detailed directions, perform basic math functions, and be able to speak and think clearly. Many will be working with computers. This trend means that job skills we currently consider to be in the midrange of the skill distribution will be considered the minimum essential skills for the least skilled occupations of the future. It also means that there will be very few or no new job opportunities for the unskilled. In fact, by the end of this decade, the average job is expected to require nearly two years post-high school education.

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