Some factors interviewers use to rate potential employees:


____Grooming / Hygiene

____Body language, composure

____Dress (appropriateness for the type of company and position)


____Conversational ability

____Communication style (use of proper English, conciseness, maturity)


____Knowledge (general and specific)

____Suitability for the position (ability/willingness to fit in)

____Expression of motivation and desire to improve or get ahead

____Overall warmth and enthusiasm

____Demonstration of confidence and ability to deal with problems or crises

____Basic personality (compatibility with employer, work environment)

____Knowledge of the company and the position

____Expression of knowledge, experience and education needed for position

____Understanding and perceiving the questions which are posed to you

____Past achievements (What does your past say about you?)

____Work history (What kind of an employee have you been?)

____School history ( What kind of a student were you?)

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