Temporary services can be a good place for employment seekers to start. Before working with a temporary service agency, it is important to keep the following in mind:

1) You can demonstrate your talents, skills and abilities in an environment that you are seeking employment. You are also able to network and meet people in the given are or occupation you might be seeking employment.
2) The temporary employment field affords you the opportunity to explore and or gain hands on experience in a given field or occupation. This will enable you to receive valuable experience that you can add to your resume or application for your next job in that field.

1) These agencies are in the business of making money (off of your services and that of the employers paying them for your services). The pay scale for you is usually minimal. You will surely be underpaid for the job or duties for which you are employed.
2) Not all employers are sincere, and sometimes they can be down right abusive. Some employers may work you as hard as they can, pay you as little as they can, and when they are done (or the you are done with them), they just hire another person.

a. You are hired as a general construction laborer. However, since you also possess (and demonstrate) knowledge of various construction skills, you end up performing duties that under ordinary circumstances you would be paid a higher wage for (i.e. besides digging ditches, you shoot grade and tie steel).
b. You are hired as a receptionist to help out a company while their regular receptionist is out. Your employer recognizes that you are also skilled in some computer programs such as Word Perfect and spread sheets. Soon you find your duties are expanded to not only answering the phones and greeting people, but typing letters and working on financial statements.


Since you do not know if the employer will use you (or abuse you), or if he/she is testing you with the potential of hiring you down the road at a higher salary, it is important to research, not only the company you are working for, but also the people.

Before getting involved with a temporary service, look carefully over any agreement they want you to sign. You want to use this service to maximize your potential benefits, not bind yourself to any long term commitments (financial or time). More and more employment opportunities are coming from the small business sector which lack the skilled personel departments of larger companies. Hence, many small businesses are utilizing temporary services to pre-screen potential employees. This is why you must read the temporary service documents carefully before signing. You do not want to agree to any long term agreements or payment of fees to the agencies, if indeed you are hired by a company.

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