"Finding The Right Job, Choose Career - Get A Job

How to find the right job for you and everything you need to know to get that job!

A Self-Directed Workbook with Audio Tapes


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Labor Exchange Division
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1. Participant's Agreement

2. Getting To Know You

Work History
Regarding Work
Work Accomplishments
Job Searching
Leadership Skills
Home and Family
With Others
Physical / Mental Health
Outside Interests
Current Event Knowledge
Do You?
Are You?
What About...

3. Assessing Your Situation

Stress Scale
Personal Needs
Lifestyle Needs
Interest Inventory
Budget Worksheet

4. Your Way of Thinking

Laws of Success
The Mind
Belief Triad
Our Thoughts
Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem
Making Changes

5. Deciding

Decision Making
Steps for Effective Decisions
Switching Careers
Deciding on a Career
Evaluating Interest Areas
Table for Wage Conversion
Selecting the Right Job

6. Managing Your Time

Why Plan?
Goal Setting
Time Value Inventory
Sample Weekly Agenda
Time Manager
Plan of Action
Weekly Organizer
Monthly Organizer

7. The Employment Scene

Who's Hiring
How People Get Jobs
Going Online
Researching Potential Companies
Company Questions
Evaluating the Company's Style
Reasons for Not Getting Hired
Employment Seekers' Obstacles
Skills for Job Retention
Employers' Fears

8. Release Forms

Past Employment Release
Medical Evaluation Program

9. Making Contact

Employer Contact List
Temporary Services
Cover Letter Outline
Sample Cover Letter
10. The Application

Application Uses
Application Tips
Illegal Questions
Sample Job Descriptions
Sample Application Forms
Sample Application

11. The Resume

Resume Points
Functional Headings
Action Verbs
Personal Skills
Naming Your Skills
Sample Resumes

12. Interviewing

Personal Packaging
How Do You Rate?
How to Not Listen
Interview Questions
Salary Discussions
Interview Checklist
Thank You Note

13. Taking the Job

Accepting the Job
Professional Conduct

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