1. Select the Goal
The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers, but rather from asking the wrong questions.

2. Explore Courses of Action
Push back the boundaries! Discover new territory.

3. Deepen Your Knowledge
Decision making is a solitary business, but all of the preparatory steps must be shared to the widest extent that time and circumstance permit. Talk to people involved in that particular area or who have had experience with it.

4. Weigh the Possibilities
Evaluate the choices open to you. Visualize the outcome of each. List their advantages and disadvantages. Check your motives for favoring a particular option.

5. Let Your Decision Brew
Decision making is a creative function. Sometimes after a period of studying, checking, and weighing, the next move is to put it aside. "Sleep on it."

6. Choose
Living is a risk. Every undertaking has its uncertainties. Face the fact that the decision you make may turn out badly and that you will have to live with the results. Or you may be able to revoke a wrong decision and try again. You can control the process, but not the outcome or the result of your decision.

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