1=Always 2=Mostly 3=Sometimes 4=Rarely 5=Never

Do you:

_______Feel warm and happy towards yourself?
_______Make and keep friends easily?
_______Accept your own authority and move on to your own initiatives?
_______Remain optimistic when others around you are depressed?
_______Control your temper?
_______Feel you are considerate of others?
_______Allow others to be "wrong" without attempting to correct them?
_______Feel confident and poised in new and unfamiliar situations?
_______Freely think any thoughts that come into your mind?
_______Give compliments easily?
_______Receive compliments well?
_______Listen well, when you choose to listen?
_______Readily admit your mistakes?
_______Feel resentful or "less than", when you lose?
_______Belittle your talents, appearance, possessions or endeavors?
_______Hunger for recognition and approval?
_______Experience jealousy or envy?
_______Demand perfection from yourself?
_______Have an emotional need to prove your worth or excellence?
_______Feel "put down" or insulted when others disagree with or criticize you?
_______Feel threatened by others' opinions, comments or attitudes?
_______Feel fearful of exposing your real self?
_______Feel uncomfortable, lonely or depressed because of being alone?
_______Refrain from giving alibis and making excuses?

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