JobBank USA's - Savings Plan for America

Please read and give our "Savings Plan for America" to your entire family and all your friends. Tell them that "you care about their future" (and so does JobBank USA).

Learn how to keep more of your take home pay, invest with safety and security, keep out of debt and retire 5-10 years early without stress and worry.
Hello from JobBank USA,

How would you like to keep more of your take home pay, invest with safety and security, keep out of debt, retire 5-10 years early, and enjoy life to the fullest without stress and worry?

We can teach you to save more money in less time and be much happier.

If you follow our plan, we guarantee that you will retire 5-10 years earlier, be much happier and live a great life without financial burden.  We offer this information free of charge in order to help Americans live free from the burden of debt that cripples our country and the great people who live here.

If you decide to adhere to these rules of saving money, you will absolutely be retiring 5-10 years earlier and be happier.

Thank you to all who decide to embark upon this journey of saving money.

Sincerely, from the staff at JobBank USA.

America’s Savings and Retirement Plan

We are so very glad you decided to learn more about how to retire 5-10 years earlier. Please tell all of your family and friends about this plan and help them in their lives.

This information is given free of charge without obligation because we care deeply about Americans and their financial freedom.

If you adhere to this very simple plan we guarantee your success.

Please remember that saving money takes time and you must be very patient and watch your savings grow slowly. Do not be tempted to dip into your savings account if you want to succeed at retiring early and saving money.

1. Invest only in mutual funds. They are the easiest type of financial instruments to purchase at a reasonable cost. Talk to your broker or find a broker online immediately.

2. Withdraw 5% of your gross income by an automated deposit into your mutual fund every week. This will be your retirement fund.

3. Cut your expenses by getting 2 roommates (there is a one-month adjustment time.) This is critical. The most expensive investment you ever make in your life is your home. Getting two roommates is not an easy thing to do at any age.

You will need to screen your new roommates thoroughly and get a background check to make sure they are good people.

4. Buy a house as soon as possible.

5. Eat only 1 meal out in a restaurant per month. Make and bring your food to work.

6. Write an oath that you want to live the best possible life and retire at least 5 years early and very comfortably. Make copies of it, sign it and give it to every family member.

7. Never take money out of your retirement fund.

8. Mutual fund selection. Allocate 50% to International mutual funds and 50% United States mutual funds.

9. Save your money in a bank money market fund account forever.

10. Credit Cards – never use them - only a Debit Card.

11. Reward yourself for committing to the financial plan by visiting your family and treating them to a dinner once a year.

12. Write in your checklist your accomplishments monthly on your birthday.

13. Start a new bank account that is never touched. Put 25% of your take home pay into this account. Keep this money in a high interest money market bank account like Synchrony Bank (no, we are not paid to advertise their bank...we just like them).

14. Talk to everyone about your plan and get them to do it especially your family and get them to do the same thing.

Thank you from JobBank USA for embarking on your new path of savings and early retirement. We wish you all the best.