Why a Sample Resume Cover Letter Won’t Work

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Using a Sample Resume Cover Letter is Taking a Big Chance

Using a sample resume cover letter is a lot like sending a total stranger to woo the one you love. Expect to receive the cold shoulder. You can't expect a stranger to write poetry that comes from your heart any more than you can expect a cover letter downloaded from the Internet or one that comes as a free sample embedded in your word processor package to impress the person reading it. Everyone knows it is a fake and not only is it ineffective, it is often times considered to be just plain annoying.

Forget your dream date for a moment and let's get straight down to cover letter basics. HR managers are busy people and they are pressed for time when it comes to reviewing the potentially hundreds of applications that may come in on a daily basis – and especially when they are looking to fill a specific vacancy. To provide them with a sample resume cover letter is to make their job harder and you will utterly fail to win their good will. What they are looking for is some sort of idea about who you are as a person and what it is that you can do without having to read your resume. That will come later, but only after they have sifted the most intriguing candidates from the pile that their vacancy ad has generated.

Your Dream Job Deserves Better Than a Sample Resume Cover Letter

It is therefore an absolute fact that your cover letter has a very big job to do. It has to shout out from the pile that you are worth investigating further and that your resume is worth reading. It has to stand up and beat its chest and proclaim in the most definite terms possible, that you are different and that to overlook you is to really miss something special. And it has to make it crystal clear that you possess unique attributes, skills and personality traits, which will enable you to ace the job. You have to ask yourself, how it is that a sample resume cover letter could possibly be expected to achieve that? Though a sample may claim to be the answer to all your problems and though it may declare in vivid terms that it contains everything a hiring manager may want to know, it is flat-out impossible for this to be true. If it is essential (and it is) that your cover letter is a unique document that contains unique information, how can any sample – created by someone that has never met you and that knows nothing about you as an individual, have a hope of doing the very job it is intended to do? The answer is that it cannot. You must do the job yourself. You must look at your cover letter as the first of your tasks in your new career and give it all the energy and the enthusiasm that you intend to bring to bear in your new job. If you do that, it will show. And the HR manager receiving it at the other end of the communication chain will know instantly that you are serious about the job.

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