Some Sample of Cover Letter for IT Considerations

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The Sample of Cover Letter for IT World Has Changed

A sample of a cover letter for IT has become an increasingly valuable commodity as the reality of the information technology job market becomes ever more competitive. There was a time, which many programmers and engineers fondly recall, back in the nineties, when a simple possession of the right IT skills was the basis for getting a great job without effort. During these peak years, recruiters would call up experienced and graduating IT professionals and beg, literally beg, for the privilege of paying an enormous salary to them. Back in those wonderful years, the idea of a sample of a cover letter for an IT job was laughable. The market conditions were more suited to a cover letter from the potential EMPLOYER to the candidate, preferably written on hundred dollar bills and delivered in a brand new car for the candidate to keep.

Sadly, however, those days are over, slammed into dust fragments by the blows of the some hard economic and market knocks. First, the tech bubble that everyone hoped would last forever burst and the amount of money that could be spent on IT salaries shrunk as fast as the stock price of the dotcom companies that had been hiring them.

Second, the job market became much more competitive than before, with the arrival of new entrants from outside of the United States eager and able and willing to IT work for less than their American and European counterparts. Mostly coming from India, the Philippines and other parts of South Asia, these programmers and engineers took advantage of the communications revolution that allowed intellectual work to be performed virtually anywhere in the world.

No More Mr. Nice Job Market
For those working in the Information Technology field now, the rules have changed. Itís no longer sufficient to have a good technical expertise in a given field. Itís no longer enough to have a good network of contacts built up in the industry. Todayís IT worker must demonstrate a whole new set of skills that revolve around managing projects and people. Additionally, they must be prepared and proficient at marketing themselves aggressively to potential employers.

For those that spend a little time mastering the basics of the sample cover letter for IT, the rewards can be substantial. A well-written cover letter for IT jobs helps the candidate fulfill both of these tasks with a single communication. First, the well-written sample cover letter for an IT job tangibly demonstrates the candidates communication skills. Whatever IT job you take, communication is going to be an enormous part of that job whether it is written on the job description or not. You will have to communicate by phone, email, written document, and in person with a whole range of people including subordinates to superiors, clients, customers, and coworkers. You will be forced to analyze, explain, motivate and persuade some of these people, so the sooner you show that you can do that the more the Hiring Manager is going to consider you for the position.

Second, the effective sample cover letter for an IT position gives the writer an opportunity to highlight their skills in managing people and projects much more effectively than a simple resume could ever do. When you write the letter, you can point out and give supporting details to the job experiences youíve had that most represent your strengths. Unlike the bare words in a r»sum»ís outline, you can go even further than that, too. You can put these examples and feats into context and explain very clearly why they are so important.

Motivate and Direct the Reader to Action
Thirdly, the effectively crafted cover letter for an IT job directs the reader to take the steps that he or she must take to hire the candidate, giving that candidate an inside track to any position.

Okay. Now that weíve established that a great sample cover letter for an IT position is so important the question is how to write one. And the simplest answer is: we donít, at least not right away. Thatís because the first step to be taken is research, before even a single word is typed into the computer. Writing a cover letter is like solving a problem. Whatís more, that problem can be described in terms of another problem still, namely:

"How do I prove that I am the best possible solution to the hiring managerís biggest business problem?"

So the first step will be defining the company Hiring Managerís biggest business problem. This information can be found in many places. The Internet, trade publications, talking with people in the industry, asking around at employees of the targeted company. If you do enough reading and talking, chances are that sooner or later you will get a sense of what that Hiring Manager is looking for more than anything else.

Now Youíre Ready to Go
Once youíve answered that question, you are ready to write. Your first step will be to get the Hiring Managerís attention from the many, many emails and letters that already compete for his or her attention every moment. One way to do this is by a headline that basically screams out "Iíve got the solution to your problem right here!"

One way to do that is to come right out and say what you are and what you will bring to the problem-solving party in the first line of the sample cover letter for IT. A line like "Experienced, deadline-hitting programmer available immediately for new challenges" will put it all out there for the Hiring Manager to notice right off the bat.

The next step is to build on this attention and make it grow into a desire. The best way to accomplish that is to establish with a few opening lines that you know exactly what the problem he or she is most interested in solving is. To use a ridiculously extreme analogy, imagine that the Hiring Manager had been shot with an arrow, which is now sticking out of his or her leg and bleeding onto their nice Aeron chair. Just think how effective a letter would be to that Hiring Manager that started off by saying "Experienced Arrow-Puller Available Immediately" then led into a discussion of the pain and danger that an arrow in the leg could cause.

Chances are, by the time the Hiring Manager, growing faint with pain and blood loss, got through those lines he or she would be nodding and screaming "Yes, yes! Thatís exactly correct! You understand exactly what I am going through! So now what?"

Why Choose You?
Well, obviously, just as in the case of the arrow-punctured Hiring Manager, your next task is to present yourself clearly and indisputably as the solution to their most pressing dilemma. For the arrow-shot Manager, you would want to talk about how many arrows youíve pulled, how many lives youíve saved, how many amputations youíve prevented, etcÖ etcÖ etc... If you have studied Arrow Pulling in college, this is another piece of information that strengthens your case. However, bear in mind that the Hiring Manager is more interested in experience than anything else. He or she feels more comfortable and safe knowing that you are a proven, able, seasoned arrow-puller with no education than an Arrow Pulling PhD holder who has never actually gotten one out of someoneís leg in your life.

For the sample cover letter for an IT job, you will do more or less the same thing; only discuss the Hiring Managerís current problem instead. Just as in the arrow pulling analogy, you are going to want to really emphasizes your experience and your proven accomplishments much more than your education and theoretical knowledge, though both are very impressive.

As an extra bit of incentive, itís a good idea to talk about how much you enjoy solving the problem, how you find the challenge rewarding, and how much you care about the job that you do. All things being equal, employers are more interested in giving a position to someone that really enjoys it and will bring enthusiasm to the office than someone who is merely doing their job.

Iím ConvincedÖ Now What?
Lastly, you want to tell the Hiring Manager how to get in touch with you and what they should do next to take the next step. To go back to the arrow in the leg example, imagine that a letter ended after talking about what a good arrow puller you were. The poor, suffering Hiring Manager, in tears of agony at this point would be frustrated beyond belief. He or she would be cursing and swearing and asking "Now what!?! How do I get this person in here to pull this arrow out of my leg?!?" So that is why ever sample cover letter for IT jobs should end with a line along the vein of "I look forward to meeting with you in person and sharing my enthusiasm for this job opportunity. I can be reached at 555-555-5555 to schedule an appointment at your convenience." If youíve done a good job in all the other elements of your letter, the chances are very good that he or she will pick up the phone right then on the spot and call you up.

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