Presenting the Sample Customer Service Cover Letter

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

A Sample Customer Service Letter That Canít Be Resisted

A sample customer service cover letter might just be the secret weapon you need to land your dream job. Have you been sending applications and resumes to your favorite stores and target employers without getting any interviews? Have you felt like the jobs you wanted were going to people that presented themselves better than you did, not people with higher qualifications? Have you gotten frustrated by the feeling that you could land your dream job if you could only get the interview for it?

If so, the problem might indeed be in the cover letter you send out. Think about it. Whether it comes in the mail or appears on the computer screen, the cover letter you write is the first piece of information that your prospective employer sees about you. If you do not make a good first impression with this extremely vital communication, you arenít likely to get a second chance to make up that initial mistake.

As it happens, in the customer service field, a cover letter is especially important. Customer service is a field where some attributes are extremely relevant. Communications skills, attention to detail, the ability to put yourself in another personís position, a facility with persuading and convincing people are all hallmarks of a successful customer service employee.

A poorly written sample customer service cover letter says a lot of things about you in these categories, none of them very complimentary. Thatís the bad news. The good news is that an extremely well crafted customer service cover letter turns that around and highlights your talents in all these area.

Enough with the Build-Up Already!
Of course this begs the question: What exactly is a well-crafted sample customer service letter? In simple terms, a well written customer service letter is designed to do one thing and one thing only --- to get you the interview that gets you your dream job. Period. It doesnít get much more simple than that.

As for HOW the sample customer service cover letter accomplishes this aimÖ well, thatís almost as simple: the well-crafted customer service cover letter gets you the interview by convincing the targeted hiring manager that you, and you alone, are the very best solution to their most pressing business problem.

Nowís when it gets a little more complicated. In the first place, it forces you to answer a series of questions for yourself before you even start writing. First, who is the targeted hiring manager? Second, what is their companyís biggest business problem? Third, why are you the best solution to that problem? And lastly, and most importantly, how do you convince the target that you are the solution.

The first two questions are the kind of thing that you will need to do some research on. Using the Internet, trade publications, calling the company, speaking to friends and family you should be able to get a pretty good idea about the company and what their broader business goals are. Additionally, you should come up with more specific information about the department that you intend to work for, who the customers are, the products, and so on. At the very least, your research should turn up the name and contact details of the person who makes the decision to interview a candidate or not. Under no circumstances should you send out a cover letter addressed to some generic, catch-all person like "to whom it may concern" or "Sir/Madam." If you think about how you treat the letters which arrive at your house addressed to "Resident" you should have an idea why.

The third question, why ARE you the solution to their business problem, is one that requires a little more thought and soul searching. Is it because you have a lot of experience in the field? Is it because you have specialized training? Is it because you are extremely interested in that area?

Explain Why You Are the Best
Simply saying that you want the job isnít enough. Thatís obvious. You want the job and so do all the other candidates. The question is more along the lines of "why would the hiring manager want to give you the job." Thatís why answering this question may require more than just soul searching. You may have to consider the issue from the viewpoint of the hiring manager and the company for a while as well.

The more you think about this question and the more clearly and cleanly and truthfully you can phrase the answer, the easier the fourth question will be to answer. The way that you will convince the hiring manager that you are the best solution to their business problem is to simply lay out the reasons you just listed in a logical manner.

Okay, now that youíve got a handle on the theory of the sample customer service cover letter, the next step is to master the mechanics. First, the appearance of the letter: Think clean, classy and simple. If you are using a letter, use plain white bond paper that matches your resume. If you are sending an email cover letter, then no fancy fonts or smiley face emoticons or anything that doesnít look one hundred percent professional.

In terms of content, there is an art as well as a science to the crafting of a cover letter.

Putting It All On the Page
First, you want to start strong and grab the readerís attention. One way to do this is to summarize right off the bat what you offer and why the reader should want it -- AVAILABLE NOW: EXPERIENCED CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT.

Next, you should put a sentence or two that establishes that you understand the business problem that the hiring manager is facing. This serves to establish two facts. First, it builds the interest in the reader even further since it is rephrases exactly the problem that he or she is reading the sample customer service cover letter to solve in the first place. Second, it shows that you understand his business and his problem, and therefore builds credibility.

Immediately after establishing your familiarity with the business problems, you should get to work offering yourself as the solution. To do this, you will want to list all of the attributes and reasons you are the solution that you came up with before you wrote the cover letter. As you write these down, hereís something to keep in mind: all the education and training and interest in the world doesnít mean as much to employers as experience. So you will want to emphasize the fact that you have solved the exact same problem that the targeted company is facing.

As a matter of fact, you will want to make it very clear that you have solve that problem many, many times and with stellar results that the target company would be very, very excited to have for itself. Focusing on your experience serves to reassure the targeted company that you are not a risk or a gamble or a potential solution. Businesses do not like risks or gambles or solutions that might or might not succeed. Those cost the business precious time and money and resources. Businesses like sure bets, and when you have done the job they need done before thatís what you become.

Enthusiasm Wins the Day
After you have proven you can solve the problem, prove that you want to. Every employer prefers an enthusiastic worker to one with a negative or even neutral attitude. Enthusiastic employees are the ones that make all the suggestions to improve processes and services and who raise the morale of the company and workplace as a whole merely by showing up. So your sample customer service cover letter should contain what is called a "passion paragraph" explaining why you find solving the business problem such a satisfying challenge.

If youíve written these elements correctly and convincingly, the hiring manager should just about be drooling at the thought of putting you to work for him or her. So the next step you take in your sample customer service cover letter is to turn this interest into the action that must be taken next. Nine times out of ten, this means simply that the hiring manager must pick up the phone and call the candidate for an interview. So come on out and request that.

Just Ask for the Interview
Something similar to "I look forward to sharing my great enthusiasm for this opportunity with you in person" should do the trick nicely.

Lastly, sign off.

Now that your letter is complete, itís time to start editing it and revising it. First, run a spell-check and grammar check to make sure that it is perfect. Next, go through it a couple of times and make changes for readability and clarity and simplicity. A very effective way to do this is to read it out loud. Does it ever sound unnatural and over-formal or odd? If so, thatís a sign that it could use more work.

The goal is to sound like a clear, simple, intelligent discourse. When you reach that level, then itís time to send off the sample customer service cover letter using whatever form of delivery youíve chosen. When you slide that letter into the mailbox or press the send button of your email, do so with the knowledge that your cover letter will be one of the best ones your target will see all year.

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