Sample Cover Letter Job Considerations

By Jimmy Sweeney, Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Why a Sample Cover Letter Wonít Get You a Job

There is a lot more to crafting a great cover letter than many people think and the sample cover letter job that you download from the Web cannot match the power of a real cover letter, written by your own hand and declaring specifics about yourself and the experience and personality you will bring to the job you're applying for. In fact, without these elements, your cover letter doesn't stand a chance of passing muster and as a consequence it is doomed to failure. Think about the number of cover letters HR managers receive on a weekly basis and especially around the time that they are specifically advertising a vacancy, and you will begin to get a feel for how difficult their task is. By sending them a vague or long-winded cover letter that fails to get to the specifics about what makes you unique, you severely limit your chances of getting any further in the hiring process.

A sample cover letter job represents one of the worst kinds of sloppy laziness that can be imagined. There is no way around the fact that hiring managers have seen these things before and they can smell them a mile away. They make the point crystal clear that they candidates using them didn't take the time to think about the information that they are sharing and therefore cannot be truly serious about getting the job. Hiring managers take a lot of cues from the amount of effort you put into these documents and the amount of confidence you display in your abilities.

More Sample Cover Letter Job Considerations

They also look for specific information about you and the way you intend to do the job if you are hired and it is precisely because your average sample cover letter job doesn't have the remotest ability to impart this information that they receive such a high level of rejection from hiring managers. Who wants to read through a bunch of platitudes when you have to get through hundreds of resumes in a short space of time? And who wants to investigate a candidate that hasn't taken the time to lead the hiring manager in an interesting direction?

The truth is that your resume will only be read once you have been short listed for the position and the only way to make that short list is to generate cover letter that literally has the hiring manager begging for more information about you. You can treat your cover letter as a sort of short introduction to yourself in which you are careful about getting the most information across in a very short space of time, and think of the possible results that can emanate from that. Would you waffle if you were suddenly face to face with the person determining the fate of your career, or would you make a strong case for why it is you should be considered for the position? Think of your cover letter like that and then breathe a sigh of relief that although the content is just as important in a written letter, you at least have the opportunity to take several attempts at it before you make your final pitch.

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