Why a Sample Cover Letter for Teacher Fails

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Leave the Sample Teacher Cover Letters to the Sample Teachers

Teachers are expected not only to impart valuable information to their students, but also to uphold the highest standards of ethics. A teacher that catches a pupil cheating, or copying another pupil's work will no doubt bring down a punishment intended to demonstrate that such an action is wrong. So it is then that the sort of sample cover letter for teacher positions that can be commonly found permeated throughout the Web, must be about the most pointless document ever created. Since teachers above all understand the importance of original work, it should be pretty clear that there is absolutely no market for these things. Unfortunately however, that is often simply not the case.

Unfortunate, that is, for the teacher. There is almost no way that any sample cover letter for teacher jobs can result in an actual teaching position being offered. The reason for this is that the very nature of a sample cover letter is that it contains only the most generic information. Teaching positions are awarded based as much on qualifications and experience as they are based on rapport. A school administrator or headmaster will know what sorts of personalities are most likely to match those of the other members of staff and which closely match the needs of the students. So it is then, that demonstrating some sort of information about who you are as a person, right at the point of application, can only do you good in the long run. Or at least it will stop everyone – including yourself, from having your time wasted.

Alternatives to the Sample Teacher Cover Letter

As an ambitious teacher, you fully understand the unique qualities of the school system's hiring process. You understand only too well, that you get basically one shot per year of securing a full-time position on the staff. That means that your application is a critical thing that must be handled with all the care and attention that you would bring to the task of educating the pupils under your care. You have to really apply yourself to thinking about every single step, and that means discarding right from the start, any notions you may have of using a sample cover letter for teacher job application you may find.

Instead, dedicate yourself to the task of creating a cover letter that acts as a noble and worthy extension of your resume. For a start, you can begin by accepting that both documents are mutually dependent. Your resume may get you the job, but it is your cover letter that gets your resume read in the first place. If you get it right, you will find that your resume is read with interest and that your phone will ring with the good news that you have been invited to an interview. In order to make that dream come true, you should allow your cover letter to be a sort of prÈcis of your resume and to be a true and fair reflection of your personality. Be bold and be brave, and by all means be adventurous. A boring cover letter will be assumed to have been created by a boring person. And you don't want that sort of personality teaching your children, do you?

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