Some Sample Cover Letter Secrets

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Why That Sample Cover Letter Could Cost You Your Dream Job

Take five minutes to surf the Web, or head off to your local bookstore and spend a few moments browsing, and you will certainly find a wide range of sample cover letter examples you can use when applying for a job. Now, with that exercise complete, get the entire notion out of your head and never think of it again. Because in a Web full of useless information, the sample cover letter must stand head and shoulders above the rest as the biggest waste of time of all of them. Yes, they may tout with extreme confidence, their ability to help you get a job. They may claim to be the ideal companion to your resume. They may even level a pretty convincing argument that they are your best hope of all of securing a job. But the truth is that by their very nature, they cannot live up to any of those claims.

It is a fact that the only way you can get onto the shortlist for any job is by having a dazzling cover letter. There are many ways to create one of those, but it is first worth looking at reasons why sample cover letters don't work. And those reasons are pretty simple actually: the cover letter is supposed to showcase how original you are as a person. It is supposed to draw attention to the most interesting things about you. If your resume is designed to enable you to showcase your suitability for a job, the cover letter is there to show that it is worth reading your resume at all.

Write Your Own Sample Cover Letter
Now, with that in mind, can you see why it is that a sample cover letter can only fail to deliver on that promise? Since the creators of those documents cannot know anything about you, the examples they have crafted can only speak in vague and generic terms about anything at all. So they are likely to be full of pleasantries, but offer no real substance. Since it is the substance above all that matters, and since you must put that into your cover letter yourself, it must be clear that there is no value in using a sample cover letter at all.

When it comes down to it, crafting a cover letter from scratch, and including all the most exciting information about you as an individual, is the only way to ensure that anybody bothers to read your resume. But bear in mind that your resume is likely to be in the middle of a pile of hundreds of others and so that cover letter really needs to do a stellar job for you. Applying for a job is a harrowing enough experience without you throwing up hurdles in your own pathway along the road. Though there are many tricks you need to learn if you are to create a really winning cover letter, the most important lesson of all – that you can't make an impression with a freebie – is one that you will thank yourself for taking note of.

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