Your weekly mix of activities may vary, depending on the level of your commitment and time available to a pro-active job search campaign. How much time you devote to your job search should be developed as a goal objective plan. Working your plan will help stabilize the emotional roller coaster that goes with a job search.

________Telephone 10 networking contacts. Make appointments as appropriate.

________ Research 10 companies on your target list. Send letters expressing interest in the organization and describe your qualifications (if not able to do so in person).

________ Answer all appropriate classified employment ads from newspapers. Research other employment / information resources.

________ Complete 2 information interviews which you have arranged.

________ Send resumes to 10 companies or businesses. Follow up later for potential interviews.

________ Check on and attend any meetings, workshops or social functions being held, as related to your job or occupational interest.

________ Go for as many interviews as possible.

________ Write thank you notes immediately following each appointment or interview. Re-emphasize interest, goals and qualifications.

________ Devote time to diet, exercise, time and fun. Raising your stress level does not help your job search.

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