Verbalizing Your Experience

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A good layout is completely wasted if the information contained within does not stand up to scrutiny.

Generally people felt that the more detail provided, the better their chances of success are. A reasonable thought, however this is truly not the case.

Your resume is a platform to detail your achievements and experience, and the only correct way to do this is in a concise format. Or to put it another way, short on words, long on facts.

Avoid us of the word I, not only does it become repetitive, it makes you sound egocentric as YOU detail your experience.

Your resume must be reader friendly to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves, if it contains information guaranteed to irritate, then the only guarantee you have is that it will see the bin at the first opportunity.

Write your resume in the third person, creating a reader centred document, which is far more effective.

Avoid use of words such as the, a, an, when also as they are unnecessary and repetitive.

Another important point to note is to write your details in bullet points rather than writing in a long text format which is harder to read and certainly harder to ascertain where the really relevant points are gleaned from.

Avoid just detailing the mundane but daily duties you performed, focus instead on significant contributions you personally made and how the company was better off through your performance.

Sounds easy, perhaps, but the trick is to write it in a clear and succinct manner and finishing them with polish and professionalism.


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