Marketing For A Successful Job Search

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All too frequently we are told of instances where extremely competent people who have held very successful positions within their field become consumed by their job search.

For whatever reason they have been thrust from their position or chosen to change roles their crusade to find that perfect job takes on a life of its own and can be mismanaged to such a degree of inefficiency you can scarcely be credulous as the process is repeated time and again.

We understand and appreciate that the need to gain employment suited to your experience and talents is vital but urge you not to rush into your job search without putting considerable thought into the path you wish to take.

So often people ruin their chances of getting an interview through a series of misjudged activities, which to their mind is effective networking.

You will not get a second chance to right an impression no matter how wrong that impression may be. In a world of increasing competition there will always be a second candidate waiting in the wings to take over where you left off, so step back and plan your job search effectively as you would an important work project taking all relevant factors into consideration.

Substitute panic for logic and set clear objectives and goals for yourself around your job search, performing research on prospective places of employment and familiarizing yourself with the specific positions you seek.

You will not be hired unless an employer sees your potential and your ability to contribute to and benefit their company. To do this you must ascertain the facts about you personally and your experience so that you can promote yourself effectively through a well-constructed resume and an effective interview.

It is all about marketing and in the same way that you would plan a strategic marketing campaign around a new product or service, so must you plan for your job search and your ability to achieve success in new employment.


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