Presenting Your Resume

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Everything about your resume should say that you are a smart professional person with a positive attitude.

Within two pages you must convey the image of an efficient and polished performer.

The following are some tips in how to do exactly that:

1. Resume Length

Two pages is the optimum length of an effective resume, however in the case of technical people such as IT for example this can extend to three in order to incorporate relevant technical information. An important point to note is that if you have relevant information that will be useful in your job hunt, add it as an attachment to your resume rather than filling your resume with technical or professional information that will only be understood by a person familiar with your field.

2. Format

Do not cramp information into your resume in order to meet the two-page requirement. If your resume is illegible it will be canned on sight. Legibility is the key. Use bullet points, indents and margins to good effect, producing a document that is well presented, detailed and targeted.

3. Gaining Attention

Place your information within your resume in order of importance. Recruiters are busy people; they need to see something immediately within your resume to ensure that they continue to read. The best strategy to employ is to begin with a strong objective, declaring your intentions. Then follow that by telling an employer what you can do for them. Move directly into your work experience and achievements and don't waste time.

4. Font

Another common mistake is to change font regularly throughout the resume. This is distracting and messy, and if too many typefaces are used it makes the resume look chaotic and out of control, the very opposite impression you want to make.


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