Making Your Experience Count

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The most important factor in your job search is your actual work experience. Although your resume could never contain all the various duties and responsibilities you have assumed throughout your career, take some time at this point to think about and document them. You will be amazed at all the activities you have been involved in that have added to your marketability.

If you were lucky enough to have worked in a position with a history of challenges and ultimately achievements developing your work experience will be easy for you.

If you werenít as lucky and have been involved in mainly repetitious work throughout your career it is time to sit down and detail all the aspects of each role so that you may establish the important factors and segregate them from the tasks that you repeated many times over.

Having done that take a look at the last 12 months and review that in greater detail, detail the experiences you have had and the knowledge you have gained throughout that time.

If there are considerable gaps in the level of experience you have gained and the requirements of the position, donít panic, you will now need to rely on a positive approach as you determine where the gaps are and how you are going to fill them.

Perform some analysis on where you are and what you need to do to get to the required level. Compare current state to preferred state and document where exactly you fall short.

If the gaps are small or insignificant perhaps you can perform some project or volunteer work that can provide you with the skill sets and knowledge required. Being realistic if the gaps are too large you will have to look at the longer term and seek a position that will provide you with a stepping-stone to your ultimate goal.

Use your time in this position to learn and develop the skills required to secure your ultimate goal in a couple of years.

Determining the gaps is the first step on the road to securing the position you truly desire.


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