Using Effective Words

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When you sit down to create your resume one of the first feelings that hits you is that you cannot complete the sentences without using the same words over and over again.

Donít panic, the English language is rich with words that say the same thing in an alternative way.

Take the time to review this list and locate words that suggest your attitude towards your role. Avoid using the same words as everyone else and particularly beginning each section with a repeat of what has gone before.


Developed Directed Managed
Led Inspired Revitalized
Drove Guided Organized


Devised Designed Formulated Generated
Redesigned Set-Up Initiated Established
Introduced Launched Originated Started


Achieved Completed Enhanced Performed
Demonstrated Obtained Secured Produced
Succeeded Implemented Delivered Negotiated
Increased Conducted Accomplished Attained
Effected Expanded Improved Surpassed

Problem Solving

Analyzed Elimated Reduced Reviewed
Streamlined Evaluated Corrected Identified
Resolved Simplified Solved Utilized
Tackled Reshaped Examined Investigated
Reduced Reorganized Strengthened Revised


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