Career Profiles
Article 9

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We recommend that you write a career profile section into your resume particularly for candidates that are seeking management or professional roles.

The profile section should represent those personal characteristics that set you apart from the rest of the competition.

It should be concise and factual emphasising the qualities, which enhance your daily performance and ensure your success both personally and professionally.

To assist you in writing this section please see examples below:


§   Extensive experience in demanding industrial environments.

§   Expert at making quick and effective decisions in stressful situations.

§   Strong interpersonal skills: proven ability to work well with individuals at all levels.

§   Ability to work under pressure in fast-paced environments.

§   Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

§   Proven ability to lead successful teams.

§   Recognised for dedication and the ability to achieve results.

§   Organized with exceptional follow through abilities and a comprehensive grounding in management.


§   Provide confidential support and expert office management skills.

§   Excel in meeting objectives through use of independent action, prioritisation, persistence, and leadership skills.

§   Proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP Professional, Excel, Word, Access, Adobe, PageMaker 6.5 and Adobe, Photoshop 6.0

§   Adapt quickly to diverse management and client styles.

§   Use humour, positive attitude, and high standards to motivate staff to excellence.


§   Self-motivated, responsible and experienced at working in fast-paced environments.

§   Confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels.

§   Detail orientated, able to multi-task effectively.

§   Excellent communication skills both written and oral.

§   Skilled organiser and problem solver with the ability to consider all options before making a decision.

§   Good humoured and enthusiastic under pressure.

Through use of this separate section you have demonstrated the personal characteristics and additional skills that inherent to you. These are set apart from your daily duties and responsibilities and simply create a picture of how you do your job and the manner in which you approach people and situations.

We recommend the inclusion of this section for its effectiveness in gaining you that all-important interview.


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