Stating Your Objective
Article 4

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There are differing opinions on the relevance of stating your objective at the beginning of your resume. Some people feel it is entirely irrelevant however we disagree.

A resume without an objective has no focus or sense of direction. As we have previously stated it is vital that your resume conveys a sense of purpose to your prospective employer.

To ensure that your prospective employer is aware of your intentions you must state an objective. State the job you are seeking. Your resume must then revolve around this objective with one intention and that is to gain the position you are seeking through the correct emphasis on your skills and experience.

Your objective should be a simple statement of intent. Examples are as follows:

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as an Administrative Assistant where extensive experience and superior organization skills will be fully utilized.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position within Operations Management where a proven record of success will be utilized and further developed.

A statement such as this will immediately capture the interest and attention of your prospective employer forcing them to read on further.

Alternatively if you so wish you may use a general objective stating the position you seek only:



This is not used as frequently as the first example however it is entirely appropriate so you may choose the example that is more suited to your resume style.

Remember the intention is to gain the interest of your prospective employer and it is the content within your resume that must work for you.


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