Beginning Your Resume - Personal Details
Article 3

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Your resume should begin with a heading that includes the following personal details:

§   Name

§   Address

§   Telephone contact numbers

§   E-Mail address

For your benefit we have included a sample of different headings you may choose to use.

Amy Mathews, 117 River St, Boston, MA 02127
Phone 617 2478459 Cell phone 617 8471269



Amy Mathews

117 River St, Boston, MA 02127
Phone 617 2478459 Cell phone 617 8471269


It may seem very obvious but there are certain things that you must remember when you write this section.

Write your name, as you would introduce yourself in everyday life. If you are known by your initials it is recommended that you write your full name on your resume. Preferably write your first name, as it can be a source of confusion for an interviewer as they try to decipher your name or sex.

It is not relevant to include a title as in Mr. Mrs. Ms. This information is not required by an interviewer or prospective employer.

Ensure that you include your full address, rather than an abbreviation. It is important that there be no confusion later in the process if you were to receive a job offer.

Always include a telephone contact number; home and cell phone numbers are the most widely included numbers. It is important that you include your area code also even if the position you are applying for is in the local area.

E-mail has now become so widely used it is one of the most important pieces of contact information. But an important point to note is that while you may use the e-mail to correspond to interview requests or to provide clarification on points in your resume, it gives an intriguing insight into your personality.

Be very aware of your writing style, grammar and punctuation. Poor attention to detail at this stage can diminish your chances of gaining the position you are seeking.


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