Generating Interest Through Your Cover Letter
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Your cover letter must generate interest through its content. As stated previously it is vital that you get a contact name so that you may personalise your cover letter and ensure that it reaches the desired recipient.

You must then outline what you have to offer them. To do this you must get their attention with a powerful first sentence.

There are many ways to approach this. To benefit you in the creation of an effective cover letter please see the examples below:

Example 1:

I read your advertisement in the Boston Globe yesterday and after researching your company I felt compelled to write in application for the position of ------------.

Example 2:

I am responding to your recent job listing on Usrecruit.com offering the opportunity to manage the distribution department within your facility.

Example 3:

Please find the enclosed resume. As a specialist in the ---------- field, I feel you may be interested in the skills of a ---------.

Example 4:

The manager of your Quincy branch, Michael Quinn, has suggested I contact you regarding the opening for a --------.

An opening statement such as this will create a desire in the reader to learn more about what you have to offer.

You may follow up your initial statement with a sentence as follows:

If you have an opening for someone in this area, you will see that my resume demonstrates a person of dedication, efficiency, enthusiasm and drive.

Following a statement such as this you must turn the readers interest into a desire for action prompting an immediate determination to read your resume and contact you for interview. To do this you must demonstrate your wish to speak with the reader regarding the position applied for.

You must remember to keep your cover letter brief and leave the reader wanting more details. This ensures that they will contact you to talk further about the mutual opportunity.

Your final paragraph should detail where you may be contacted. At this point you should indicate that you will follow up if contact has not been established by a certain time. This should encourage the reader to be decisive and immediately initiate action.

To do this use phrases such as:

I will be in your area around April 5th and will call you prior to that date to arrange a meeting for a mutually convenient time.

I look forward to speaking with you further and will call your office over the next few days to schedule a meeting.

I hope to speak with you further and will call you at the beginning of next week to follow up.

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