Cover Letter Ė Turning Desire Into Action

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You have now almost reached the end of your cover letter; you have generated interest, demonstrated desire now you must turn the desire into action.

The purpose of the cover letter is to make the reader look immediately at your resume and then call you for interview.

Again stick to the one page rule for your cover letter, always leave the reader wanting more. This will ensure that you will be called for a further meeting.

However, donít rely on this assumption, tell the reader you want to talk.

Explain how, where and when you may be contacted and tell the reader that in the event you are not contacted you intend to follow up at a specific time and date.

By stating this, you will encourage the reader to make a decision and initiate action.

Use phrases such as the following:
  1. I will be in your area on the 12th and will call you prior to that to arrange a meeting.
  2. I look forward to speaking with you further and will call you the week of the 12th to follow up.
  3. I look forward to meeting with you and having the opportunity to discuss this further.
  4. I will call in the next couple of days to see when your schedule will permit a meeting.
  5. I am anxious to met and discuss the potential opportunities further and will make myself available for an interview at a time convenient to you.
  6. I feel certain that I can make a significant contribution and I look forward to meeting you at your convenience.
  7. You may reach me at 617 123 4567 to arrange an interview.
  8. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you shortly.
Ensure that you close your letter effectively, this is the readerís last contact with you and it is important that you reflect sincerity and commitment into the last lines.

The reader wants to feel that if they open the communication channel with you that they are entering a meaningful conversation and that the promise reflected in the resume and cover letter will be repaid.

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