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As we previously stated the impact you make in the opening lines of your cover letter is essential in generating interest on the reader’s behalf.

You must and we cannot stress this enough grab their attention. An important point to note is to use good quality stationery preferably matching that of your resume.

Vital information to be included is your address or letterhead and telephone contact details. The date comes next and then the address of the recipient.

Move straight into your salutation and as discussed already this should be deferential, for e.g. Dear Mr. Kennedy or Dear Ms. Matheson.

If responding directly to an advertisement state the name of the publication / source, the date and the specific job title.

If not responding directly to an advert a good way to open is as follows:

‘Recently I have been researching leading Pharmaceutical companies in the greater Massachusetts area. My search has been for companies that are respected in their own field for their services and their ongoing training programmes. Massachusetts Pharmaceuticals keeps coming up as a top company’.

An introduction such as this ensures that you hold the readers attention ensuring that the remainder of your cover letter is read, giving you the opportunity to sell your skills to the reader.

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