Cover Letter – Generating Interest Through Effective Content

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It is necessary to generate interest with your opening statement; you must then keep it and hold onto it.

How do you do that? Well firstly you must address the reader by name, demonstrating that you have taken the time and interest to seek out their name to create personal contact.

Secondly, you must demonstrate exactly what you have to offer to them. Ensure that you are clear and succinct, leave the reader with no doubt as to your intentions. This is not the time to stand on ceremony and hope that they will figure out what you want. It is up to you to tell them.

Performing research on your targeted company and in turn developing this research into your resume quickly indicates your level of interest in securing this position.

Examples are as follows:

‘I have been following the performance of your company in Forbes magazine. The record over the past two years shows strong and effective management. I have been employed with one of your competitors over the past three years however I feel that I could make a significant contribution if given the opportunity.’

‘Recently I performed extensive research into the leading Medical Device Manufacturing plants across the East Coast. Your companies name continues to come up in the top three leading me to seek a position within your dynamic facility.’

‘Within the next month I will be relocating to Massachusetts and having research companies in your field, realise that you are the people I wish to meet with.’

The reader will not fail to be impressed at the level of interest and initiative you have taken in completing your research. You will have captured their interest and guaranteed yourself the readers full attention for the duration of your letter.

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