Formatting Your Cover Letter

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Many people write letters in direct response to advertisements they have viewed and target their letter to the specifics of the advert.

To ensure that you make it into the probables pile, follow the following format:
  1. Avoid over familiarity, just because the advert names the recruiter, many people do not react well to the salutation Dear Marc or Dear Anita. It is over familiar and does not show adequate respect to the recruiter.
  2. Quote the source of the advertisement and the date on which it was published when beginning to outline your cover letter.
  3. Make your position clear from the outset. By this we mean writing the following introductory sentence. ‘I was particularly interested in your advertisement because I have extensive experience in the challenging world of Instruction and Teaching’. With a strong statement such as this the reader cannot help but to continue reading.
  4. From here create the main body of the letter demonstrating how your skills and experience directly match the requirements of the post. Avoid very long sections of text. Keep your sentences short, positive and punchy.
  5. End with a positive statement that makes your intentions very clear. Something like ‘I look forward to hearing from you and using the opportunity to discuss this opportunity further’.
If you use a format such as this, you will create a cover letter that is both professional and targeted, leaving the reader with a clear indication of your intentions.

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