Sample Records Analysis Manager Resume

Notice how the job seeker in this sample records analysis manager resume opens with a clear objective of what he wants. He then lists only those previous work experiences that pertain to this particular job. All records analysis manager resumes should include this vital information.

Harold Job-Seeker
459 Kenton Place
Any Town, USA 9999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


Position as a Records Analysis Manager


Organization, leadership, communication and analytical skills


Records Analysis Manager, 2000 to present:

Wallace and Stearns Business Analysts, Small Town, USA.

Directed and coordinated the activities of workers involved with analyzing record management systems. Also planned and directed the compilation and updating of cost and control records, utilizing knowledge of records inventories, usage, costs, and operating practices in cooperation with other staff and workers involved in this process.

Assistant Records Analysis Manager, 1998-2000:

Wallace and Stearns Business Analysts, Small Town, USA.

Assisted the senior manager by coordinating the activities of personnel engaged in studying simplification of filing and retrieval systems, protection of vial records and economical use of paper, computer program and other information media.


B.A., Business Management, 2000
Mason College, Little City, USA


American Association of Business Analysts and Consultants

Vice President, 2005

NOTE: Write a complete records analysis manager resume, including expanded information of the kind you see in this condensed sample. Employers expect about two pages. Include your work experience as a records analysis manager as well as your training and recognition.