Sample Private Sector Executive Resume

The job seeker in this sample private sector executive resume states her objective then lists related work experiences. All private sector executive resumes should include this vital information.

Teresa Job-Hunter
456 Any Street
Some Town, USA 99999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


Employment as a Private Sector Executive


Trained professional with experience in management and financials for small private sector companies; able to make wise judgments; leadership and communication skills


Private Sector Executive, 2000 to present:

Billingsley Enterprises, Inc., Any City, USA.

Directed and organized the company's financial and budget activities in order to fund operations, increase efficiency and maximize investments. Also prepared budgets for approval, negotiated contracts and agreements with suppliers, distributors and other organizational entities.

Private Sector Executive Assistant, 1998-2000:

Billingsley Enterprises, Inc., Any City, USA.

Assisted the executive by reviewing reports submitted by staff that are recommending changes or need approval for a project, and helped analyze operations to evaluate personnel and performance objectives.


B.A. in Executive Management
Any City College, 2000, Any City, USA


American Association of Business Executives

Community Service Award, 2005

NOTE: Before writing your private sector executive resume find out what the potential employer wants from the person he hires. The private sector executive resume above is a short version of a complete resume. Feel free to use it as an example.