Sample Prepress Technician Resume

The job seeker who wrote this prepress technician resume shows his understanding of what potential employers are looking for-someone with experience transforming text and pictures into finished pages and making printing plates of the pages. Prepress technician resumes should also state the job seeker's clear objective-to obtain an interview.

Milton Hobart
46 Seventh Avenue
Hopeville, WA 22222

Objective: Prepress Technician

Seeking an interview for work as a prepress technician


Trained and qualified prepress technician ready to begin work immediately upon being hired. Excellent skills. Good work habits and able to communicate well with managers and co-workers.


Garden Hill Press, Small Town, USA                          2000-2007
     Transformed text and pictures into finished pages prior to press

Big City Book Binders, Inc., Big City, USA                  1998-2000
     Made printing plates of finished pages


Longwood Trade School, Any Place, USA                  1997


National Bindery Association:
Prepress Technician of the Year                             2005

NOTE: Before writing your prepress technician resume find out what the potential employer wants from the person he hires. The prepress technician resume above is a short version of a complete resume. Feel free to use it as an example.