Sample Planimeter Operator Resume

A Planimeter Operator resume should focus on the applicant's experience, training, and readiness to accept employment. All Planimeter Operator resumes should mention all of the above, as shown in the following example.

John Jones
110 Gable Street
Any Town, USA 99999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


A position as a Planimeter Operator


Mechanical, accurate, dependable, experienced with planimeters


Planimeter Operator, 2000 to present:

Any City Civic Center, Any City, USA.

Traced boundary lines and land plots on aerial photos to determine acreage, using a planimeter. Recorded figures shown on the dial and measuring wheels of the equipment at the beginning and ending of the tracing and subtracts figures from each other to determine acreage.

Office Assistant, 1998-2000:

Any City Civic Center, Any City, USA.

Assisted the employees with office tasks, including word processing, document preparation, filing, phones, and client questions.


High School Diploma, 1998
Any City High School, Any City, USA

On-the-job training


Employee of the Year
Any City Civic Center, 2005

NOTE: When writing a Planimeter Operator resume of your own use this condensed version as a sample for creating a complete one. Remember that potential employers look for specifics related to the job they want to fill. Include those details in your Planimeter Operator resume.