Sample Nuclear Reactor Supervisor Resume

A nuclear reactor supervisor resume should focus on the applicant's experience, licensing, training, and readiness to accept employment. All nuclear reactor supervisor resumes should mention all of the above, as shown in the following example.

Bill Job-Seeker
109 Lincoln Street
Any Town, USA 9999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


A position as a Nuclear Reactor Supervisor


Leadership and communication skills; management experience; knowledge of nuclear reactor industry and the state and federal rules and regulations governing the operation


Nuclear Reactor Supervisor, 2000 to present:

North River Nuclear Reactor Facility, Small City, USA.

Overseeing the daily operation and electronic maintenance of the nuclear reactor and its systems, reviewing shut downs and evaluating the problem, approving restarting, etc.

Assistant Nuclear Reactor Supervisor, 1998-2000:

North River Nuclear Reactor Facility, Small City, USA.

In charge of operating and maintaining the nuclear reactor and investigating and determining the case for reactor radiation alarms and intrusion alarms during operating and non-operating hours.


M.A. Nuclear Physics, 1999
American University, Any City, USA


National Association of Nuclear Physics Professionals

Regional Director 2005

NOTE: One to two-page nuclear reactor supervisor resumes are popular with potential employers. The nuclear reactor supervisor resume shown here is a shortened version of one that would attract a hiring manager. Use it as an example to build your own.