Sample Missing Persons Investigator Resume

This missing persons investigator resume shows the personnel manager the job seeker's goal-to win an interview. He then lists pertinent and related previous employment. All missing persons investigator resumes with specific information will help any job hunter achieve his or her objective.

Anthony Bogart
760 Red River Drive
Any Town, USA 99999

Objective: Missing Persons Investigator

Seeking an interview for work as a missing persons investigator


Professional missing persons investigator, trained and experienced following up on evidence and clues in the cases of missing persons. Works in cooperation with local police department. Available for immediate work.


Worthington Investigative Services, Big City            2002-2007
     Senior missing persons investigator

Broadman and Hicks Investigators, Small Town         1999-2002
     Missing persons investigation team


A.A., Community College, Any Place, USA                1998


American Association of Investigators:
     Member of the Year Award                              2006

NOTE: Create a missing persons investigator resume of about two pages, containing enough information to show the employer what you have to offer. You can use this brief example to write a missing person investigator resume that perfectly suits your background and work experience.