Sample Medical Record Administrator Resume

A clear and interesting medical record administrator resume will go a long way to help you land the job you want. Be sure to include specific details, including your objective, training, previous employment, and current availability. All medical record administrator resumes should take this approach.

Justine Job-Seeker
10 Arnold Drive
Any Town, USA 9999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


A position as a Medical Record Administrator


Professional; good leadership and administrative skills; excellent communication with subordinates and management


Medical Record Administrator, 2000 to present:

Belmont Hospital, Belmont, USA.

Responsible for designing, initiating and coordinating methods for collecting, analyzing, storing, retrieving, and reporting patient medical information and statistics according to the requirements of federal, state, ad local laws.

Assistant Medical Record Administrator, 1998-2000:

Belmont Hospital, Belmont, USA.

Assisted the administrator by inspecting records to insure completeness and internal consistency in quality control and data accuracy; maintained liaison with clinical and other users of medical records, and assisted clinical staff in research utilizing medical records.


Certified Medical Record Administrator
Community Vocational School, 1997, Any City, USA


National Association of Medical Record Professionals

NOTE: Keep in mind that the sample medical record administrator resume above is just that-a sample. A complete medical record administrator resume might run one to two pages. However, this one will show you how to get started.