Sample Managing Newspaper Editor Resume

A managing newspaper editor resume should focus on the applicant's experience, driving record and qualifications. All managing newspaper editor resumes should mention all of the above, as shown in the following example.

Betty Job-Seeker
109 Lincoln Street
Any Town, USA 99999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


A position as a Managing Newspaper Editor


Negotiation and communication skills; good management ability; able to work well with subordinates; knowledge of the newspaper industry


Managing Newspaper Editor, 2000 to present:

Small City Herald, Small City, USA.

Chief duties included negotiating with newspaper owner's representative to establish the publication's policies and directing the activities of newspaper departments. Coordinated the work of editorial departments according to the newspaper's policy. Also initiated plans for special features or projects and assigns heads of departments to bring them about.

Assistant Managing Newspaper Editor, 1998-2000:

Small City Herald, Small City, USA.

Assisted the managing editor by writing some of the leading or policy editorials and helping with the inspection the final makeup of editions and rearranging it to meet breaking news items.


B.A., Journalism, 1999
American University, Any City, USA


National Association of Editorial Professionals

NOTE: One to two-page managing newspaper editor resumes are popular with potential employers. The managing newspaper editor resume shown here is a shortened version of one that would attract a hiring manager. Use it as an example to build your own.