Sample Landscape Architect Resume

A landscape architect resume focuses on the job hunter's experience assessing the land and deciding the best use of plants, water, soil and vegetation for the location and environment. It is essential for landscape architect resumes to include this information if the job seeker hopes to get hired.

Martin Job-Seeker
786 Arthur Court
Any Town, USA 99999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


A position as a Landscape Architect


Skilled, trained, experienced professional with knowledge and appreciation of nature; enjoy working with hands, strong analytical skills, creative vision and artistic talent


Landscape Architect, 2002 to present:

O'Riley Landscape Architectural Firm, Big City, USA.

Primary duties included meeting with clients to determine and draw up plans for landscaping their home and business sites. Award-winning proposals in 2003 and 2005.

Landscape Associate, 1998-1999:

O'Riley Landscape Architectural Firm, Big City, USA.

Assisted landscape architects by arranging for the production and completion of the plans drawn up for clients.


B.A., Landscape Architecture, 2001

American University, Any City, USA


American Association of Landscape Architects

NOTE: Write a complete landscape architect resume, including expanded information of the kind you see in this condensed sample. Employers expect about two pages. Include your work experience as a landscape architect as well as your training and recognition.