Sample Industrial Truck Driver Resume

The job applicant in this industrial truck driver resume makes sure the hiring manager knows his objective-to gain an interview and to make a case for his qualifications as listed in his reference to previous experience. Industrial truck driver resumes should include both objective and experience.

Paul Gomez
23 Postman Drive
Applewood, USA 98989

Objective: Passenger Industrial Truck Driver

Seeking an interview for work as an industrial truck driver


Experienced industrial truck driver. Ready for immediate hire for short or long distance driving. Excellent safety record, good customer service skills. Reliable and timely delivery of goods.


Ball and Baird Trucking Company, Inc., Any City     2003-2007
     Cross-country driving

Potter and Sons Truckers, Inc., Little Town          1998-2003
     Short and long runs east of Chicago, Illinois


Slauson Trucking School, Inc., Little Town           1997


American Truck Drivers Association:
     Industrial Truck Diver of the Year                  2005

NOTE: This industrial truck driver resume is a shortened version of a full resume. It is meant to serve as a sample for you to create your own industrial truck driver resume. Include enough information to cover your previous work experience and training-roughly two pages.