Sample Hoof & Shoe Inspector Resume

The job seeker in this sample hoof and shoe inspector resume states his objective then lists related work experiences. All hoof and shoe inspector resumes should include this vital information.

Jack Job-Hunter
845 Longworth Street
Some Town, USA 99999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


Employment as a Hoof and Shoe Inspector


Knowledge of the farrier industry; trained in blacksmithing; worked extensively with horses and horse owners


Hoof and Shoe Inspector, 2000 to present:

Comstock Racetrack, Comstock, USA.

Chief duties include inspecting hoofs and shoe (plates) of horses at racetrack to ensure they are mounted securely to avoid stumbling during races. Also records the names of horse, owner and trainer and the condition of the horse's hoofs and shoes.

Assistant Hoof and Shoe Inspector, 1998-2000:

Comstock Racetrack, Comstock, USA.

Worked alongside the primary inspector by removing and replacing broken or cracked plates and often instructed handlers to secure the plates and trim hoofs as called for


B.A., Blacksmithing
Gilbert University, 2000
Any City, USA


American Association of Farriers

Secretary-at-Large, 2005

NOTE: Before writing your hoof and shoe inspector resume find out what the potential employer wants from the person he hires. The hoof and shoe inspector resume above is a short version of a complete resume. Feel free to use it as an example.