Sample Graphic Artist Bindery Worker Resume

A graphic artist bindery worker resume displays the applicant's primary objective-to gain an interview for the job. And second, the job seeker lists the places of her previous employment where she combined her talents as a graphic artist and a bookbinder. All graphic artist bindery worker resumes should include these items.

Jill Jobhunter 903 Wayside Drive Any Place, USA 33333 888-888-8888 Objective: Graphic Artist Bindery Worker Seeking an interview for position as a graphic artist bindery worker SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:

Professionally trained and experienced graphic artist bindery worker ready for immediate work. Excellent record with fellow employees and management and outstanding performance in the graphics arts field.


Bluebell Bookbindery, Inc., Big City, USA               2000-2007
     Combined graphic arts and bookbinding for special assignments

Universal Bookbindery, Inc., Small Town, USA        1998-2000
     Fulfilled bookbinding and graphic arts assignments


American Bookbindery School, Any Place, USA       1997


National Association of Bookbinders
     Graphic Artist Bindery Worker of the Year       2005

NOTE: Write a graphic artist bindery worker resume, including expanded information of the kind you see in this condensed sample. Employers expect about two pages. Include your work experience as a graphic artist bindery worker, as well as your training and recognition.