Sample Educational Psychologist Resume

The following educational psychologist resume displays the applicant's objective-to gain an interview and it also lists related pertinent experience regarding the effectiveness of learning programs and educational institutions. All educational psychologist resumes should be clear and specific and include an objective-to garner an interview for the job.

David Harris
201 Forest Drive
Any Village, USA 33333

Objective: Educational Psychologist

Seeking an interview for a position as an educational psychologist


Trained and experienced educational psychologist eager for immediate employment assessing the effectiveness of learning programs and how they are delivered in schools and other educational institutions.


Big City Unified School District, Big City                   2000-2007

     Prepare and deliver tests and other research data to assess      the effectiveness of reading and social studies programs

Riverdale Unified School District, Small Town            1998-2000
     Educational psychologist in charge of program assessment


M.A., Educational Psychology, Dalton University       1998


Riverdale Unified School District:
     Employee of the Year                                     1999

NOTE: One to two-page educational psychologist resumes are popular with potential employers. The educational psychologist resume shown here is a shortened version of one that would attract a hiring manager. Use it as an example to build your own.