Sample Division Road Supervisor Resume

A clear and interesting division road supervisor resume will go a long way to help you land the job you want. Be sure to include specific details, including your objective, training, previous employment, and current availability. All division road supervisor resumes should take this approach.

Allen Job-seeker
1069 Barton Avenue
Any Town, USA 99990
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A position as a Division Road Supervisor


Knowledge of railroad industry; good communication skills; organized, efficient, able to work under pressure


Division Road Supervisor, 2000 to present:

R&J Railroad, Some City, USA.

Duties included directing and coordinating the activities of railroad engine crews to ensure efficient operation of the railroad in specific locations; also responsible for riding the trains to gain first-hand knowledge of personnel to determine performance and conformance to regulations governing such matters.

Assistant Division Road Supervisor, 1998-2000:

R&J Railroad, Some City, USA.

Assists the supervisor by conducting investigations of train wrecks to determine the causes, equipment damagem and to identify the persons responsible, then issuing reports of findings.


B.A., in Business and Management
Valley View University, 2000, Any City, USA


American Association of Business Professionals

Community Service Award 2006

NOTE: Keep in mind that the sample division road supervisor resume above is just that-a sample. A complete division road supervisor resume might run one to two pages. However, this one will show you how to get started.