Sample Data Processor Equipment Repairer Resume

The job seeker in this sample data processor equipment repairer resume states her objective then lists related work experiences. All data processor equipment repairer resumes should include this vital information.

Jeb Job-Hunter
123 Any Street
Some Town, USA 9999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


Employment as a Data Processor Equipment Repairer


Trained, experienced, highly-skilled mechanic with focus on data processing equipment; team player; dependable employee; available to fill immediate employment need


Data Processor Equipment Repairer, 2000 to present:

Carlton Electrical Systems, Inc., Large City, USA.

Focused on preventive maintenance, following manufacturer's recommended schedule for checking, cleaning, adjusting and repairing, when necessary, the mechanical and electromechanical components of a computer system.

Data Processor Equipment Repairer, 1998-2000:

Wintergreen Technologies, Any City, USA.

Responsible for total management of repair department, overseeing and dispatching mechanics to check, clean, adjust and repair mechanical and electromechanical components of high-speed printers, graphics devices, remote terminals and modems.


A.S. Community Trade and Tech School

Electronics Technology, 1997, Any City, USA


American Association of Data Processor Repairers

Outstanding Leadership Award, 2005

NOTE: Before writing your data processor equipment repairer resume find out what the potential employer wants from the person he hires. The data processor equipment repairer resume above is a short version of a complete resume. Feel free to use it as an example.