Sample Cafeteria Food Server Resume

The job applicant in this cafeteria food server resume makes sure the hiring manager knows his experience in this field as well as his ability to relate easily to customers who come and go on a daily basis. Cafeteria food server resumes should include practical information so the applicant will be noticed and win an interview.

Paul James
23 Post Drive
Applewood, USA 98989

Objective: Cafeteria Food Server

Seeking an interview for work as a cafeteria food server


Experienced cafeteria food server available for immediate hire. Flexible work hours; can work quickly and efficiently during high-production hours.


Sally's Cafeteria, Big City, USA                                2004-2007
     Lead food server

Crumpton's Cafeteria, Small Town, USA                    2000-2004
     Weekend food server


On-the-job at Crumpton's Cafeteria                         2000


Sally's Cafeteria:
     Cafeteria Food Server of the Year                      2005

NOTE: This cafeteria food server resume is a shortened version of a full resume. It is meant to serve as a sample for you to create your own cafeteria food server resume. Include enough information to cover your previous work experience and training-roughly two pages.