Sample Aircraft Body Repairer Resume

A clear and interesting aircraft body repairer resume will go a long way to help you land the job you want. Be sure to include specific details, especially your objective, training, previous employment, and current availability. All aircraft body repairer resumes should take this approach.

Christopher Job-seeker
106 Lester Avenue
Any Town, USA 9999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


A position as an Aircraft Body Repairer


Qualified repairer, certified worker from an FAA-approved trade school, good communication skills with co-workers during team assembly of restored parts.


Aircraft Body Repairer, 2000 to present:

Blue Ridge Aircraft Corporation, Big County, USA.

Responsible for repairing or fabricating defective section or parts of an aircraft, using metal fabricating machines, saws, brakes, shears, and grinders.

Apprentice Aircraft Body Repairer, 1998-2000:

Blue Ridge Aircraft Corporation, Big County, USA.

Learning and practicing the trade under the supervision of a certified and licensed aircraft body repairer.


Certified Aircraft Body Repairer, Aviation Technology,

Whitman Trade School (recognized by the FAA), 1997, Any City, USA


American Association of Aviation Technicians

NOTE: Keep in mind that the sample aircraft body repairer resume above is just that-a sample. A complete aircraft body repairer resume might run one to two pages. However, this one will show you how to get started.