Sample Aerial Firefighter Resume

This aerial firefighter resume starts with the job seeker's objective and then lists previous employers and the work the job seeker accomplished. All aerial firefighter resumes should be clear and succinct and focused on the job the applicant is interested in.

Morton Gambill
21 Corral Road
City Road, USA 23417

Objective: Aerial Firefighter

Seeking an interview for a position as an aerial firefighter.


Professional aerial firefighter, trained and licensed. Available for
immediate hire. Excellent safety record. Able to work under stress.
Knowledge of specially formulated fire retardants. RESUME of EXPERIENCE: Mountainscape Firefighters, Inc., Mountainscape, USA 2000-2007 Worked with team of six firefighters putting out fires in nearby mountain villages. Big Sky Firefighters, Inc., Big Sky, USA 1998-2000 Aerial firefighter-in-training TRAINING: American Firefighting School, Any Place, USA 1997 RECOGNITION: National Association of Aerial Firefighters Distinguished Firefighter Award 2005 NOTE: This aerial firefighter resume is a condensed version
of a full resume--to serve as an example only. Always consider
what the employer is looking for in the aerial firefighter he hires.
Tailor your resume to that company.