Sample Administrative Assistant 1 Resume

An administrative assistant resume should focus on the applicant's experience, training, and readiness to accept employment. All administrative assistant resumes should mention all of the above, as shown in the following example.

Joseph Job-Seeker
10 Jewell Avenue
Any Town, USA 9999
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: (888) 888-7777


Position as an Administrative Assistant


Excellent record organizing, scheduling and maintaining information for a company's employees, using photocopiers, fax machines, computers, electronic files and handling travel arrangements for administrators.


Administrative Assistant, 2000 to present:

Sylvester Investment Counselors, Big City, USA.

Primary duties include assisting the Chief Executive Officer with correspondence, meetings, reports, travel arrangements, and organizing files for quick retrieval and review.

Administrative Assistant, 1998-2000:

Capital Corporation, Inc., Small Town, USA.

Responsible for planning, organizing and delivering annual client appreciation banquet and employees' holiday awards luncheon.


Certificate of Completion, Office Management, 1997,

American Business Academy, Any City, USA


National Association of Office Workers:

Secretary-at-Large, 2005

NOTE: One to two-page administrative assistant resumes are popular with potential employers. The administrative assistant resume shown here is a shortened version of one that would attract a hiring manager. Use it as an example to build your own.