Sample Zoo Keeper Cover Letter

A zookeeper cover letter shows the hiring manager that the job hunter knows what is required. The applicant in this letter focuses on one of the essential characteristics of a successful zookeeper--attention to detail when it comes to the animals they have charge over. These include preparing the diets, cleaning the enclosures, and sometimes assisting in raising the young. They also watch for signs of illness or injury and monitor eating patterns or any changes in behavior, which they record in a file. All zookeeper cover letters should include pertinent professional and personal experience with animal care.

Willard Good
10 Drury Drive
Citywide, USA 87695

July 10, 2006

Mr. Ronald Sedgwick
Personnel Manager
Citywide Zoological Park
18 Hawthorn Drive
Citywide, USA 87659

Dear Mr. Sedgwick:

I saw your ad on JobBankUSA.com for a zookeeper with experience and the ability to work flexible hours. I believe I'm the one for this position. I worked as a keeper part-time at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois for ten years. Today I live in Citywide so I hope to take up the same position at your zoo. My specialty is elephants, though I have also worked with rhinos and other large mammals. Excellent zookeepers keep a zoo running smoothly so I am aware of the importance of this job.

I appreciate your reading my cover letter and resume but would like to talk further by coming to your office for an in-person meeting. Are you free afternoons between 2:00 and 5:00? That would work perfectly for me.

Please select the day and time that best suits you and confirm by calling 222-222-2222. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully joining your staff at Citywide Zoo.


Willard Good

Enc.: resume and cover letter