Sample Zoo Director Cover Letter

A zoo director cover letter displays the applicant's ability to administer the daily operation and affairs of personnel, policy, and guests. All zoo director cover letters can be improved by showing the hiring manager how well suited the job applicants are for the positions they are seeking.

John Goodbody
354 Swanson Street
Any Place, USA 33333

October 23, 2006

Mr. Crandall Belikan,
Hiring Manager
Any Town Zoological Society
10 Main Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Belikan:

I am an experienced zoo director with six years of work overseeing the affairs and daily operation of the Harborland Zoological Society in Harbor City. I am now ready to move on and believe I'm an ideal fit for Any Town and hope you will give me an opportunity to meet you in person to discuss the responsibilities of this position and to show you what I can do.

Are you available to meet in person to discuss what I can bring to this job and for me to hear your requirements for the zoo directors you've worked with in the past ? If so, please phone me at 777-777-7777 so we can arrange a date and time that works for you. I will also be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you so much for reviewing my resume and reading my cover letter.


John Goodbody

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