Sample Woodworking Machine Tender Cover Letter

A woodworking machine tender cover letter focuses on the applicant's ability to tend a woodworking machine-making sure it is operating correctly to produce the necessary results. All woodworking machine tender cover letters should include qualifications as well as previous experience.

Joe Jobseeker
456 Skyline Drive
Centerville, USA 34576

May 12, 2006

Mr. Julian Maynard,
Hiring Manager
Dependable Woodworking, Inc.
17 Topside Drive
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Dr. Maynard:

I am seeking employment as a woodworking machine tender for your company. You can count on me to meet all the criteria you listed on the job description on JobBankUSA.com.

You can reach me at 786-789-0456 weekday evenings and weekends if you'd like to discuss the job further or meet with me in person. I welcome hearing from you and appreciate that you have read this cover letter. I hope you will consider me for one of the woodworking machine tenders positions you plan to fill before September 1.


Joe Jobseeker

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