Sample Wire Border Assembler Cover Letter

A wire border assembler cover letter is the best way for a prospective employee to present his experience tending a machine that attaches edge-wire frame to coil spring assemblies in pieces of furniture that are made with springs. All wire border assembler cover letters should include a reference to the applicants' experience and understanding of the job.

Edward Johns
303 Porter Street
Any Place, USA 33333

May 18, 2007

Mr. Hiram Montgomery,
Hiring Manager
High-End Furniture Company, Inc.
462 Gibson Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Montgomery:

According to a posting I read on JobBankUSA.com, you're currently in the market for a wire-border assembler-a job I've done for three years with other wire-border assemblers--tending machines that attach edge-wire frames to coil spring assemblies.

I can start work right away, as you requested, and I live close to your facility so I'm available at the hours stated.

If you'd like to meet to talk over your policy and employee expectations, please call me at 222-222-2222 anytime of the day to arrange an appointment.

I hope we can meet soon and that you'll find me the ideal candidate for the job. I appreciate your reading my cover letter. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Edward Johns

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